31 Oct 2014

How to clean and cut the Snake Gourd / Pudalangai

How to clean and cut the Pudalangai in a easy method.

Method :

Take the Snake gourd cut them in to halves

30 Oct 2014

Snake Gourd Poriyal / Pudalangai Poriyal

Snake Gourd Poriyal is is a simple south Indian side dish. Also good for health. Its contain lot of fibers which can help maintain your digestive region healthy and low in calories.
Pudalangai Poriyal

Keerai / Spinach Masiyal Recipe

Keerai Masiyal is very healthy , simple and easy recipe to prepare.
Keerai Masiyal

Homemade Spicy Green Chilly Paste

Green chilly paste is handy option to add that hot taste to vegetable curries,sandwiches, masala curries, potato tikkis, etc
Spicy Green Chilly Paste

Homemade Ginger - Garlic paste

Ginger Garlic paste is one of the essential part of daily Indian Cooking. Its really time saver if its made in bulk, this paste can store in refrigerator for 1 month. very easy to make.
Ginger - Garlic paste

Ginger paste ( Homemade) Recipe :

Homemade Ginger paste is easy to make from home.

Ingredient : 

  • Ginger - 1 cup

How to remove Corn easily from the Cob

Easy way for cleaning corn on the cob quickly and easily.

29 Oct 2014

Drumstick Leaves Sambar / Murungai Kerai Sambar Recipe:

A Traditionally lunch menu of south Indian is incomplete without sambar and usually sambar is prepared using a  variety of vegetables . This kerai sambar is very healthy combined with toor daal and delicious.

Murungai Kerai Sambar

Drumstick/ Murungakai Poriyal - Spicy Drumstick Curry Recipe:

Drumstick Poriyal is simple and delicious dish cooked in a spiced tomato gravy.

Spicy Drumstick Curry

Simple Fish Fry :

Fish fry is a delicious Indian recipe. This fish fry is just like that, a fish millet is first marinated with Indian spices and then fried.Fish is a really nutritious food, rich in protein,vitamins and minerals.

Dry fish Recipe/ Karuvaddu thokku

     South Indian most famous delicious recipe  Nethili Meen /Anchovies dry fish Curry. It is very easy to prepare, with very less ingredients.

Karuvaddu Thokku

Pachai Payaru/ Kondakadalai dosa/ Moong dal dosa Recipe :

Moong dal dosa is an south Indian dosa recipe. This is very Healthy and nutritious food.

Simple Egg Fry :

       Eggs are delicious and simple recipe.There are different ways in which to fry them. This egg fry is very easy to cook and tasty to eat and it will will nicely combined to plain rice with rasam and chapati.  
Egg fry

Mushroom Dosa :

Dosa is a traditional south Indian breakfast recipe. There are many variations of enjoying this dosa and one among them would be the mushroom masala dosa where the crispy dosa is covered with spicy masala.

Mushroom Soup :

           This  Mushroom soup is absolutely delicious and good for diabetics.Make Quick, Easy and Simple Mushroom Soup in Indian Style.

Simple Rasam Powder Version : 1

 Rasam Powder is very simple and easy to make at home.

Cook Rice in Clay Pot

Cooking Clay Pot is a process of cooking food in pot made from natural clay. Cooking rice in clay pot is very very easy to cook and quickly. It will take around 10 -15 min to finish cooking. Moisture content of the food is retained thus making your food juicer ,tender and fresher then conventional cooking. Vitamin's and minerals are completely retained while the food cook's.

Size and Quantity :

Small Rice Pot      : 2 cups of rice / grains - Yields 4 cup cooked rice.
Medium  Rice Pot : 4 cups of rice / grains - Yields 8 cup cooked rice.
Large Rice Pot      : 6-7 cups of rice / grains - Yields 12+ cup cooked rice.